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Full Lash

Full Lash


FL5 | Xtreme

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Available in five eye-enhancing styles, VIEVE Full Lashes are effortless to apply and easy-to-wear whether you want your-lashes-but-better or all out volume.

✦ Easy to apply
✦ Five eye-enhancing lash styles
✦ Fits any eye shape

Buy any five Half or Full Lash styles and save 15%. Saving applies at checkout.

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Each of the 5 Full Lashes styles offer eye-opening enhancement. Whether worn alone for a natural lash lift effect or paired with a smoky eye for extreme volume, each style is versatile in taking your look from the everyday to the experimental. Made with lightweight synthetic fibre, each lash has a thin flexible band which blends seamlessly with your lash line for easy and effortless application for both novices and experts.

✦ FL1 Everyday Full Lash: Perfect for the false lash first timer or those who only wear them for special occasions. The ultra-fine fibres add natural length and thickness. Longest in the middle, the lashes create the illusion of bigger eyes.
✦ FL2 Classic Full Lash: Our Classic Lash accentuates the eyes, opening them up and adding length and impact. The invisible band lets the eye look do the talking whilst the deep curl gives lashes a denser, longer look.
✦ FL3 Lift Full Lash: Create a lash lift look in an instant. Longer on the outer corners, the lashes lift the eye, creating a more almond shape. The criss-cross of the fibres gives a natural drama and curl,i t's your lashes but better.
✦ FL4 Sultry Full Lash: Graduating in length, cheat a lash extension with our Sultry Full Lash. The dark, easy to use band adds sultry definition making it the perfect addition to a smoky eye. Love our Smoky Half Lash? This is the Full Lash for you!
✦ FL5 Xtreme Full Lash: Fluffy segments and with an intense C-curl, the Xtreme Full Lash opens the eye with maximum impact and intensity. Lightweight to wear, pair with Power Ink Liner for the easiest of show-stopping eye looks.

Vegan and synthetic fibre.


See Jamie's step by step guide for fool-proof lash application.


All VIEVE products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Vegan and synthetic fibre.


Whether you’re a lash aficionado or are putting fake lashes for the first time, VIEVE has provided all the tools needed to make putting on false eyelashes seamless. To apply VIEVE Full Lashes, simply follow Jamie’s fool proof steps:

✦ Step 1: Apply one coat of a lengthening mascara first, making sure to concentrate on the inner corners to help the half lashes blend once applied to the outer corners.

✦ Step 2: Using the expert Lash Applicator, pinch the outer corner and gently pull to remove from the packaging.

✦ Step 3: Wrap the lash around an eyeshadow brush to give them extra curl and lift then apply a thin layer of glue and wait for a minute or so until the glue becomes tacky.

✦ Step 4: Pick up the lash using the Lash Applicator and while looking downwards into a mirror, nestle the lash directly on top of the lash line meeting the outer corner of your eye. Gently wiggle it into the perfect position.

✦ Step 5: The blunt end of the applicator allows you to squeeze the lashes into the roots of your natural lashes for a totally seamless finish.

✦ Step 6: To remove, pinch the lashes with the applicator and gently pull away. Make sure you take care cleaning fake lashes by removing any residual glue, storing safely for the next use.

Full Lash

Regular price £13.00
Regular price Sale price £13.00
Style Fl5